Making the world better one hen at a time

Gwenne R. Baile

CEO and chief coop cleaner

Gwenne is a retired nurse-midwife. She started her career as a delivery room nurse in several local hospitals before going to school at UMDNJ to become a midwife. She has worked on the staff of two different hospitals in South Jersey and has delivered over 1000 babies. After her retirement she decided to do those things that a 100 hour workweek prohibited and became a master Gardner. She also took several classes in chicken husbandry only to discover that it was illegal to raise chickens in her town. Five years later she persuaded the local council to pass a pilot law to allow up to four hens. 24 families are now enrolled in the pilot and it hasn't really cost the community anything.

Rosebud Baile

Therapy chicken

Rosebud has a natural tendency to be a therapy chicken. One can handle her and she will sit on a person's lap unattended. If an older person she will feel the calmness and start to fall asleep. Some kids like to sing to her. She pays attention and listens. Her favorite radio station is the SPA channel on Sirius XM Radio. Riding in the car listening to that she becomes mesmerized and fades off to sleep. She is a good bird and works many hours per week, Rosebud has her own Facebook page at ontheroadwithrosebudhtetherapychicken

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Freckles Baile

Chief Herder and eater of things that drop

Freckles had a rough beginning. She was found playing in traffic on a busy state highway. Several other people wanted her but they just couldn't accommodate her. We are happy to have her. She enjoys mingling with the birds.

Ron Baile

Head gofer, communications manager, coop maintenance engineer

After 35 years in the telephone and computer business Ron has attained the rank of master model railroader. He is also a railroad historian and a member of the West Jersey Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society. He is also a docent at the Gloucester City Historical Society museum. He designed and built our coop. No plans, just started screwing boards together in units of four feet, eight feet, etc.

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