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Camden County Chickens was created by Gwenne Baile after a five year effort at changing the law in Haddon Twp., NJ to allow up to four hens per back yard.   Since that time (2015) she has assisted eight New Jersey communities in getting their laws changed as well. The work continues tweaking existing ordinances and getting new ones passed in other communities that desire their own hens.

Rosebud, the therapy chicken, has appeared in newspapers as well as the local TV news. Sadly, she passed away.

One of our other hens is Blossom . She was a foundling and has a great personality. She lays almost daily.

In May of 2018 we acquires two new hens, Frannie and Sadie which were named for Gwenne's two grandmothers. While Frannie was a good bird, she was a little too rambunctious to be a therapy hen. Sadie is a breed known as an Easter Egger, she lays blue eggs almost daily. She is a joy to be around and constantly "Talks to you". She loves to be held and petted.  She is the "Junior" therapy hen and often goes out with Blossom.  While she is not quite as capable at "Playing" the piano as Blossom she tries hard and they usually get well rewarded for their efforts.

They regularly visit nursing homes and schools. They can be seen almost every weekend at farmer's markets, sustainability functions and other special events such as autism day at the Academy of Natural Science in Philadelphia, PA.